Founding Partners

Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association (BKCIA)

Banana Kelly’s mission is to contribute to a revitalized, safe, and economically vibrant South Bronx. The organization has sponsored the redevelopment of over 2,240 units of affordable housing and provides direct services to approximately 5,000 residents. It also provides support services to the community at large, where 55% of inhabitants receive some form of public assistance, 49% of families live beneath the federal poverty line, and the unemployment rate (24%) is the city’s highest.

University Neighborhood Housing Program (UNHP)

The mission of University Neighborhood Housing Program (UNHP) is to create, preserve, and improve affordable housing and bring needed resources to the Northwest Bronx. UNHP achieves its mission in three primary ways; as a community-based affordable housing developer, a Bronx-focused researcher, and through the Northwest Bronx Resource Center as a direct-service provider. The majority of our work benefits the Bronx and the northwest Bronx, a series of neighborhoods that are home to primarily Black, Hispanic, and immigrant low-income families and individuals. Our research work and the NYC multifamily building database we created, known as the Building Indicator Project (BIP) has a citywide impact. UNHP is unique in its approach to its mission as each component of our work influences the other. Our work to build financial stability and housing security with Bronx residents informs our research as does our role as an affordable housing developer. Our involvement with Bronx tenants and residents as well as our research efforts guide our work to bring resources to our community.

We Stay/Nos Quedamos

WE STAY/Nos Quedamos, Inc. is a South Bronx-based CDC committed to our collective self-determination. Our sustainable development work creates the conditions that maintain our health and culture. Our work engages, empowers, and transforms marginalized communities to remain and thrive.

Our organization is committed to supporting efforts that promote opportunities that aim for outcomes that substantive improve the health and well-being of our residents, the surrounding Melrose community and greater South Bronx region. To advance this priority Nos Quedamos remains actively engaged with advocacy efforts that join with other Bronx based organizations to leverage capacity and have influence on matters related to public policy effecting the future of development that will impact upon our stakeholders and constituents.

Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco)

WHEDco’s mission is to give the South Bronx access to all the resources that create thriving neighborhoods: from high-quality early education and after-school programs, to fresh, healthy food, cultural programming, and economic opportunity.

The Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDco) is a community development organization founded on the radically simple idea that all people deserve healthy, vibrant communities. We build award-winning, sustainable, affordable homes – but our work is not over when our buildings are complete. WHEDco believes that to be successful, affordable housing must be anchored in strong communities that residents can be proud of.